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Workforce Information Council Meeting Notes

February 2014 Washington, DC WIC Meeting Notes
January 27, 2014 Conference Call Notes
December 11, 2013 Conference Call Notes
July 2013 Denver, CO WIC Meeting Notes
February 2013 Washington, DC WIC Meeting Notes
October 2012 Chicago, WIC Meeting Notes
July 2012 San Francisco, WIC Meeting Notes
March 2012 Washington DC, WIC Meeting Notes
November 2011 New Orleans, WIC Meeting Notes
July 2011 Seattle, WIC Meeting Notes
April 2011 Alexandria, WIC Meeting Notes
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Policy Council Meeting Notes.

For Policy Council Meeting Notes click on the links below to visit the policy council pages:

Occupational Employment Statistics Policy Council
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Policy Council
Current Employment Statistics Policy Council
Local Area Unemployment Statistics Policy Council

Work Group Meeting Notes.

Links to the Work Group Meeting Notes will be available soon.