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Workforce Information - Making a Difference

Around the middle of last year, the Workforce Information Council (WIC) State Representatives responded to a request from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, who were looking for state examples of how Labor Market Information (LMI) is used to help develop policy, answer program questions, and/or shape future state/local initiatives. A request to state workforce information directors across the country resulted in over 50 responses from 14 states being submitted.

The referenced report is titled, Workforce Information -- Making a Difference, Examples of State Labor Market Information Initiatives to Help Develop Policy, Answer Program Questions, and/or Shape Future State/Local Initiatives. This digest is a testimony of how independent and objective data can be used to help shape policy. Data and surveys collected in a vacuum are meaningless unless the results can be studied and evaluated into meaningful relevance to the economy, industry base, population, and/or labor market trends.

The information is sorted by topic area (some submittals may be listed in more than one area). There is also a state by state directory of submittals. Access to a Word version of the report can be made by clicking here to review the state data.

New LMI Directors' Training Held in October 2008

The Workforce Information Council (WIC) State Representatives funded in 2008 the New Labor Market Information (LMI) Directors' Training held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday, October 14, 2008. The session was held just prior to the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) National LMI Conference, hosted by the Indiana Workforce agency. The training was provided by the LMI Training Institute, with the assistance of LMI consultant Ted Gladden. The training's success was attributed to the excellent collaboration between NASWA, the Indiana agency's staff, the LMI Training Institute, and the WIC.

As of the end of 2008, there were well over half of the Workforce/Labor Market Information Directors who had less than two years of experience. The half day training had 15 participants. The participants gave the session high marks and several requested copies of the PowerPoint slides and the binder materials.

The agenda included and covered the following items: Defining LMI; Identifying Customers; History of the Workforce System; LMI Budgets & System Requirements; Dealing with Media and Management; Terminology & Concepts; BLS Programs; LMI System Resources & Partners; ETA's Role in Workforce Information (presented by David Lipnicky of the Dallas ETA Region); Historical & Legislative Trends Impacting LMI (provided by Tom Gallagher LMI Director in Wyoming); and, finally a panel titled Issues, Challenges, and the Future of LMI (consisting of Graham Slater/Oregon LMI Director and Peter Neenan/New York LMI Director).

Copies of both the LMI Training Institute's PowerPoint Slides and the Binder materials (Word document) can be accessed by clicking here - PowerPoint Overview ; ETA PowerPoint Presentation; and Agenda & Reference Materials.

It is hoped that the training will be able to be provided again later this year by working with the NASWA Annual LMI Conference to assist in orienting newer LMI directors and their top staff.