Benefits Survey Users Group 


Businesses, Workforce Investment Boards and many other customers need information on employer-provided benefits for making compensation decisions, planning workforce development programs, job development, and other purposes. Labor market information offices in at least 13 states conducted employer benefits surveys during Program Year 2004.

The Benefits Survey Users' Group is charged by the Workforce Information Council with developing and carrying out strategies to maintain and support tools that facilitate state production of benefits data, including statistical methods, data collection procedures, software tools, and training. Membership on the Users' Group is open to any state labor market information office.

Benefits Consortium Reports

The Users' Group builds on earlier efforts of the Benefits Consortium as well as various benefits surveys conducted by State labor market information offices. The Benefits Consortium was led by the Nebraska Department of Labor and received funding from the Employment and Training Administration and technical assistance from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Consortium produced a report describing the Consortium's activities and recommendations for state benefits surveys. They also prepared an Employee Benefits Survey Manual, providing guidance to labor market analysts for conducting statewide employer benefits surveys. The Manual includes a bibliography on benefit surveys, introductions to the survey questionnaire and data collection software, sampling guidance, and tips on conducting the survey and marketing the results.

Employee Benefits Consortium Preliminary Report
Employee Benefits Survey Manual (Version 2.21)

Benefits Survey Users' Group Documents