Green Jobs Study Group 


The Workforce Information Council discussed the "green jobs" issue at its November 2008 meeting. A number of activities are underway at the State level, with Washington having completed the first "green jobs survey"; several other States having surveys distributed to businesses or under development, and a NASWA-sponsored group of State and federal participants communicating monthly, discussing concepts and definitions, and gathering and summarizing studies (posted on California’s web site at http://www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/?pageid=1032)

Because of growing interest in this topic and Obama Administration policy priorities, the WIC wishes to develop proposals on how we might provide a consistent Federal-State approach to measure the number, types, and characteristics of "green jobs," and what it would cost to implement these proposals.

To address these questions, the WIC is establishing a Green Jobs Study Group to accomplish three broad goals:

  1. develop a measurable definition of "green jobs" and agree on a core set of items that need to be measured about these jobs,
  2. develop alternatives for gathering and estimating this information on "green jobs", and
  3. develop a specific action plan to collect and publish this information. Activities to address these goals are outlined below.

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Study Group Members

Members of the Workforce Information Council Green Jobs Study Group include:
Federal Members-- State Members --   
Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Dixie Sommers,
Federal Co-Chair
Bonnie Graybill, CA,
State Co-Chair
Patricia GetzNick Jolly, CT
George StamasAllyson Hathaway, CO
Rick ClaytonRebecca Rust, FL
Employment and Training Administration Frank Surdey, NY
Pamela FrugoliEd Legge, PA
 Greg Weeks, WA
 Roger Therrien, CT

Project Documents 

Final Report of the WIC Green Jobs Study Group
Report on the July 16-17, 2009 Work Session.
BLS & Measuring Green Jobs Discussion Draft for the WIC
Green Jobs Study Group Charter
WIC Green Jobs Study Group Notes (4/7/2009)
WIC Green Jobs Study Group Notes (4/21/2009)
WIC Green Jobs Study Group Notes (5/5/2009)

Documents in Progress "Study Group members only"  

Approach Defining Green Jobs (4/20/2009)
WIC Green Jobs Study discussion at LMI Conference
Green Jobs Occupation Worksheet Instructions
Green Jobs Occupation Worksheet